Sperospace Wins Australian Space Agency Grant

The Australian Space Agency has announced Sperospace as one of the recipients of a Moon to Mars Demonstrator Feasibility Grant. This will establish Sperospace as a leader of space-based robotics in Australia’s thriving space sector and create off-earth servicing capabilities that are critical to sustain the Moon to Mars missions planned by NASA.

Sperospace has been awarded a $200,000 grant to conduct Phase A and Phase B studies on a Robotic Satellite Demonstration mission, launch a first demonstration payload, develop a second payload to TRL 6, and buildthe first prototype of a Multifunction Arm Robot for Space (MARS).

This will be conducted with key partners and suppliers including Space Machines Company, Saber Astronautics, the University of New South Wales, Contactile, Orbitfab, Modularity Space, HEO Robotics, Dandelions, and Spiral Blue.

Head of the Australian Space Agency Enrico Palermo said the Demonstrator Feasibility grant recipients highlighted the breadth, depth, and excellence of skills in the Australian civil space sector.

“The projects funded are leading examples of Australia’s capabilities in developing space technologies, which will only continue to grow and expand into the future,” Mr Palermo said.

Sperospace CEO Bohan Deng said “This grant is a major boost for Sperospace and validates the technical and commercial progress we have made to date. It enables us to expand our team, attain space heritage for our actuators and processes, and prepare for a major demonstration mission with our satellite partners.”

This project received grant funding from the Australian Government’s Moon to Mars Initiative. The $150 million Moon to Mars Initiative is providing pathways for Australian organisations to play an important part in NASA’s plans to return to the Moon and go beyond to Mars.

Sperospace is a Sydney based company developing modular robotic systems that will equip the next generation of satellites for on-orbit servicing and assembly. This will create a sustainable future for space development where satellites, lunar, and martian systems will no longer be limited by launch constraints and the inability to repair and upgrade them.


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