Modular Robotic Arms for Small Satellites

Industrialising space by enabling new generations of upgradable, repairable satellites & orbital infrastructure


We develop robotic actuators and connection mechanisms for the next generation of satellite services and modular space platforms.

Design For The Mission, Not Launch

Reduce cost and risk by escaping the constraints of launch vehicles. Robotic assembly in space enables the production of large structures without complicated deployment systems.

Upgradable And Repairable Satellites

Traditional satellites are not designed to be upgraded or repaired, leading to obsolescence, expensive redundancies, and increasing amounts of space junk. We develop the tools to enable easy, reliable servicing.

Take Advantage Of Space Resources

Space robotics is applicable to both orbital and extraterrestrial environments, where it can enable the use of space resources, dramatically reducing the amount of material (and cost) of launching things into space.


Sperospace Wins Australian Space Agency Grant

The Australian Space Agency has announced Sperospace as one of the recipients of a Moon to Mars Demonstrator Feasibility ...

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Bohan Deng
founder & ceo
team member
DR. Eng. Mohamed Awadallah
VP, Mechatronics Engineering
team member
Thomas McCredie
Space Systems Engineer


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